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——Into Xinmei Packaging——
The world's leading manufacturer of weighing equipment and automatic packaging production lines

Hubei Xinmei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.,Hubei Xinmei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., is a professional company that develops and produces measuring and packaging machines and complete sets of equipment, and is a world-renowned manufacturer of weighing equipment and automatic packaging production line.
Our company was founded in 1973 and has a long history. Our company's equipment has been widely used in food, feed, starch, building materials, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food, chemical and other industries. Our company has a high technology, high quality technical team and staff team, the company has strong technical strength, with strong product research and development, manufacturing, production and installation.

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Hubei Xinmei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2016


17 other patents


27 people R & D personnel


Annual production 1500 sets / set

——Hubei Xinmei Introduction——
The world's leading manufacturer of weighing equipment and automatic packaging production lines.
Hubei Xinmei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Hubei Xinmei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Hubei Xinmei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hubei Xinmei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.It is a high-tech company established by integrating Daye Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Daye Grain Machinery Factory). The world's leading manufacturer of weighing equipment and automatic packaging production lines. It is widely used in many industries such as food, feed, starch, building materials, pharmaceuticals, sugar, food, chemical and so on. Especially in the powder material suction packaging machine, granular material vacuum packaging machine is at the international advanced level. The company was founded in 1973 with multiple sets of advanced measurement and testing equipment and a perfect quality assurance system. It will form the largest domestic production base for grain measuring and packaging machines with an annual production of 1500 sets of packaging machines.

For a long time, the company has adhered to the road of scientific and technological development and growth, guided by the market, established a sound scientific and technological management mechanism, adhered to the reform of the scientific and technological system, fully mobilized the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific research personnel, and developed by itself to meet different needs at home and abroad (such as fertilizer, Soda ash, aluminum fluoride, cement, pigments, etc.) packaging machine series products, especially at the international advanced level in the research of powder material packaging machine. Cultivated and brought up a group of national-level experts, young and middle-aged experts in Hubei Province, industry academic leaders and other high-quality professionals, which laid the foundation for the development of high-tech packaging machine products in different industries.

At present, through independent research and development, there are five series of 49 high-tech products with excellent performance in grain weighing packaging machines with intellectual property rights, and 17 products have obtained national patents and one invention patent. The company not only makes outstanding achievements in the development of research and development products, but also becomes a model in academic research. It has undertaken the drafting of the national standard "Grain Sales Packaging" and the industry standard "Grain Quantitative Packaging Machine", becoming the first domestic enterprise unit to undertake the drafting of national standards. The promulgation and implementation of the two standards have made significant contributions to the advancement of packaging technology in my country. Completed five national scientific and technological projects and two national key technological transformation projects. Eight products have won the second and third prizes of national, provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress, and filled a number of domestic gaps and reached the international advanced level.

The excellent performance of Xinmei Packaging Company's products provides a reliable guarantee for you to achieve high accuracy and high reliability weighing. At the same time, our tailor-made products and solutions can better meet your various requirements and help you systematically solve related problems in industrial weighing and packaging.

Strengthen market management, in accordance with the strategy of starting from the user to the user, the company has established a perfect service network and technical support system to timely understand the customer's suggestions for product improvement and new product requirements, and promptly solve all the problems Provide technical support during the difficulties and supporting process. High-quality products, good service, products sell well in 30 provinces and autonomous regions in my country, and exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries and regions, trusted by users.

The hard work has yielded numerous achievements. The company has won many years of scientific and technological enterprises in Huangshi City, provincial-level advanced enterprises in Hubei Province, contract-honoring and trustworthy advanced units in Hubei Province, and advanced enterprises in Hubei Metrology Bureau. A number of products have won honorary titles such as National Quality Gold Award, Silver Award, and Hubei Provincial Famous Brand Products.
The times are developing, technology is improving, there is no best, only better. Hubei Xinmei Packaging Engineering Co., Ltd. will take science and technology as the guide and the working attitude of excellence as the guideline to create first-class packaging machine products, always standing tide and constantly Create brilliant, make more contributions to the advancement of packaging technology.

——Xinmei Packaging Company Culture——
Professional company that develops and produces metering packaging machines and complete sets of equipment

Entrepreneurial spirit

Innovation, Strong, Integrity, Beyond

Talent Concept

Excellent work performance will definitely get generous compensation

Business philosophy

Always satisfy users

Quality policy

Quality first, customer first, honesty, excellence

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